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Living together

This year, a couple of students from Uzice Grammar school, 13 to be exact, took part in the “Living together” project implemented by the Pestalozzi organisation.
Johann Pestalozzi was a famous pedagogue who founded a village for children without parental care in Switzerland, which our students had the chance to visit. Fifteen children from all high schools in Uzice spent two weeks in Switzerland participating in various workshops that focused on the subjects of tolerance, non-violence, co-operation, breaking down stereotypes and getting rid of prejudice. They engaged themselves in making educational films and radio shows. The trips they went on also helped them to work as a team and learn to respect each other. Some of the places they visited were St. Gallen, Lucerne, Zurich, where they saw lots of museums, cathedrals and even a chocolate factory.
Besides the Swiss, they interacted with Macedonians and Albanians too.
This project actually has three phases:
1. preparation of students in Uzice where they went to similar workshops
2. their stay in Pestalozzi
3. return of the students to Uzice where they are meant to share and integrate their knowledge into their social environment.
The next steps concerning the “Living together” programme that our students will take involve a project whose purpose is to change opinions, crush prejudices and realize, once and for all, that first impressions can be misleading.

Text by Jovana, Uzice
Video by Irena, Uzice

Living together - Uzice Grammar school from Dejan Cvijetic on Vimeo.

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