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BBC School News Report

BBC School News Report gives 15 – 19 year-old students in UK, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Senegal and India a chance to make their own news reports for a real audience.
Six schools from Serbia are participating in BBC School News Report including our school. Our school is taking part in this event within the project Connecting Classrooms.
First we had to register our school, then to return the Head Teacher Agreement Form. After that students had to complete and return the Consent Form. When all of the steps were finished, our school made a dedicated web page for this event. You can go to this page if you follow the link: . Here you can find all of the news our students wrote for the Practice News Day (Wednesday, February 8th) and the Main News Day that will be held on March 15th when some of the best news will be read during the live programme.
Students talk about The Report on meetings that are held every month. About 10 students from our school are taking part in this event.
You can find more information about the BBC School News Report on . On this site you can find some of the best news that students from all across the named countries wrote for the Practice News Day, schools participating in the event and the instructions about how to make the news (advised by the experienced managers of BBC).

Srdjan, Uzice

05. februar. Kustendorf Revisited
15. oktobar. Shakespeare among Us - 450 Years
11. mart. CC Participants Meet Again
23. februar. A Serb Who Is Moving the Horizons of Science
28. januar. Kustendorf Film Festival
14. novembar. Behold the Zebras
22. septembar. Connecting Classrooms Partners' Meeting
10. septembar. Olympic Glory