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DELF – Diplôme d’études en langue française

DELF (English: Diploma in French Studies) is a certification of French language abilities for non-native speakers of French, administrated by the International Centre for French Studies (Centre International D’études Pédqgogiques) for France’s Ministry of Education. It is composed of four independent diplomas corresponding to the first four levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Our students took this test a year ago and they all passed. It was level A1, now they were going to do A2, and some of them B1.
Le Delf was held on February 25th 2012, since it could not be organized on February 18th due to bad weather conditions. Over 60 students from middle schools from Kraljevo and Uzice, and elementary schools from Cajetina and Uzice took this test.
The test is made up of 4 parts: Listening, Reading, Writing and Talking. All 4 parts are worth 25 points. Students need to have 50 points to pass the test (Also they have to have 5/25 points from each exercise.).
Students began doing Le Delf A1, A2 and B1 tests at 10am and finished at 3pm. They say that it was hard, but worth it.
“I was so scared, but now I’m not. I’m going to pass!”, said Marija, eight-grader from Dusan Jerkovic Elementary.
“I didn’t do the first 3 parts well, but I’m going to pass this anyway!”, said Andjela, from our school.
“Wow! I did the Speaking exercise great, the listening part was the hardest!”, said Marko from Kraljevo.
“I am satisfied with how I’ve done the test! Now, waiting for the diploma!”, said Srdjan, from our school.
“I’m going to pass. So happy about it!”, said Violeta, from our school.
“I was so scared when I entered the classroom and started talking. Now, it’s finally over! I can go and have a nap!”, said Jana, from Dusan Jerkovic Elementary.
Now, the tests are on their way to Belgrade, where they will be checked again, and then sent to France, where they will be checked again. And finally, the French will send our students their diplomas! They will get to Uzice in May.
Srdjan, 16

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