A Scottish Quiz

Among the traditions the students and teachers of Uzice Grammar School are trying to keep, there is the one of organising English language quizzes. A quote by Sir Winston Churchill helped us choose this year’s theme - ‘Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.’ So it was Scotland, and the whole event was called ‘A Tribute to Scotland on St Andrew’s Day’ although it was held a bit earlier, on 29 November, as it was a Thursday and a more convenient day for a school show.
The tasks for our competitors were anything but easy. They had to read six stories by famous Scottish authors, from Robert Louis Stevenson and Arthur Conan Doyle to Alexander McCall Smith, memorise a lengthy list of Scottish proverbs, and visit the web site www.scotland.org for more information on Scottish history, geography, festivals, etc.

There were eight four-member teams competing in six games: Odd Man Out, Who Said it?, What’s Missing, Rebus Puzzles, Choose and Win and Storytime. After an hour-and-a-half-long show, the winners became the third-graders who called themselves Team, followed by William Wallace and Smiljanici as runners-up. The best constestants received prizes sponsored by The English Book and Pearson.

The real treat came at the end. Everybody helped themselves to cakes and biscuits the English teachers of Uzice Grammar school made according to original Scottish recipes.

You remember the story of the brave tailor who killed seven flies with one blow? We are proud to say that we ‘killed’ seven ‘flies’ too during this memorable evening: 1) we tasted Scottish food; 2) we had loads of fun; 3) we organized a successful ELT event; 4) we promoted English language learning in an interesting way; 5) we encouraged competitiveness and fair play; 6) we all learnt a lot about Scotland, and 7) we made our students read.

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