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My English Book 2016
kategorija: Takmičenja

Na ovogodišnjem literarnom konkursu na engleskom jeziku pod nazivom My English Book, koji četvrti put za redom organizuje The English Book iz Beograda, a koji je otvoren za učenike svih osnovnih i srednjih škola u Srbiji, učestvovalo je šest učenika Užičke gimnazije sa sedam radova. Kratka priča Milene Stevanović I2 The Book in the Walls i pesma Dare Jovane Ilić II4 izabrane su među pedeset najboljih radova, pa će se u oktobru ove godine naći u zborniku radova za 2016.

Milena Stevanović I2: The Book In The Walls

The abandoned house with broken windows and peeling paint seemed to be calling out to her.
It stood peacefully in a middle of a forest clearing, and waited for someone to come inside, and see what's hiding in it.
The courageous and adventurist side of her didn't let her pass it without exploring. So the girl walked closer to the house, observing its grey walls and bad condition it was in.
With every step, the three wooden stairs in front of doors creaked and stretched, the loud sound announcing her arrival. When her feet touched the last step, she found herself in front of big doors that looked like they were barely hanging of the hinges. Her hand touched the cold metal of a doorknob, and not knowing if it locked or not she slightly pushed forward. The door surprisingly opened and yet again there was a loud sound filling her ears.
As soon as she opened the doors the morning light from outside quickly sneaked in, making it look like it was waiting just for that moment. It lit the entire place and settled in, just like it was always in there.
Even though there was a guilt feeling nagging in the back of her head, she pushed it aside, and continued her exploring, as she knew her intentions weren't bad.
The quietness and calmness around her was overwhelming. It was so different than what she was used to. It left her alone with her thoughts and made her think, something she yearned for, but didn't get it often. Even at night, in her bedroom, could be heard the commotion from outside. The place where she lived was one of those never sleeping towns, and getting the opportunity for a little peace was rare.
The girl’s eyes wandered around the room she got in.
With doors that led to another rooms on either side, the little hallway full of grime, with bare, somewhat blue walls, just confirmed her doubts about someone living in the house.
Going on the left first, she entered the room, but it was completely empty.
Hoping there is something in the other one, she opened the door and the feeling of guilt was back as she saw some furniture in the room.
Her thoughts were fighting inside her mind. She wished there is something worth seeing in the house, but at the same time, she felt like she was trespassing.
Trying hard not to think about her presence as invading someone’s property, she looked at the things in the, what it seemed like, living room.
The first thing that caught her attention was the old typewriter on the table in the middle of entire place. Behind it was a sofa, but it was not covered with usual white cloth, but instead it was exposed to dust and dirt.
Getting further inside, she realized that those were the only objects in the sitting room.
Without knowing what to do, the girl stood awkwardly and looked around.
Her eyes fell on the walls.
They were blue, from what she could see, and they had some patterns.
Without even thinking about it, she walked closer.
Not minding getting her hand dirty, she pressed her palm on the wall and slid it to left, taking the dust and cobweb off and leaving the magnificent trail of azure.
She figured out that the room was wallpapered.
As she wanted to see more of the beautiful patterns that were scattered all over, she took more dirt off, and saw that one wallpaper is the size of a regular paper. She thought it must have been hard too glue every single one, individually.
Her fingertips started trailing the gorgeous print, but suddenly came to a stop as she saw one corner of a paper was peeled off and sticking out. The girl reached to put it back into its place, but something caught her eye.
There, on the back of a paper, were words.
Using her fingers, she slowly pulled by the corner. It surprisingly got off easily, and when she turned it around, she got confused.
With printed words, and headline saying "Chapter 16", the house suddenly became a bit more interesting than before.
As the first one got off easy, she used her long nail to peel off another paper.
Looking from one page to another, she realized that second one was a continuation of the first one.
Not knowing what to think of things she saw, she rushed back to the hallway, where she first saw the blue walls.
Standing on her tiptoes, the girl reached and pulled the paper closest to the doors.
When she turned it around, her heart started beating a bit faster inside her chest as she read the headline "Chapter 1".
Without thinking about the consequences her doings might bring, she started taking the sheets one by one, getting more and more surprised when her eyes quickly skimmed over each paper.
As she took of more papers, and the realization that an entire book was glued to the walls started to sink in, she remembered her first thoughts about the house. It is special, and something was definitely hiding inside of it.
By the time the girl had to go back home, the entire hallway was void of wallpaper, and she already read the first couple of chapters, liking the book from the beginning.
She was confused about why would someone put a book in the wall, but as she started enjoying in the book, with exceptionally good writing, she was thankful to the person who did it.
Coming again tomorrow, and the day after, taking the more papers off and getting more pages to put on her pile, she let the book take her away from reality and pull her into its depths and secrets.
The girl started going to house only at night, as she didn't want anyone to know where she went. The old lamp that was hiding behind the sofa, became her source of light in the dark evenings after she would turn off the flashlight she used to light up the path to the house.
When she sat in the dim lighting of the living room with the papers in her hands, she felt at peace. Even though she didn't get much sleep, she was determined not to stop visiting until she finishes reading.
At first she read fast, but then, she slowed down, wanting to savor the pages, wanting the experience to last longer. Realizing that the book will eventually come to an end, and with it the excitement of reading a new chapter will be gone too, no matter how many times she rereads it.
She thought about taking the book to her place, but decided against it. The book belongs to the house, and is a part of it, and she felt content when she was sitting on the floor, with her back pressed to the wall and a disconnected book in her palms.
She visited every day, not wanting to miss the opportunity to enjoy in the unknown authors book.
But, one day, as she entered the house and quietly closed the big doors, the light provided to her by flashlight suddenly disappeared.
Trying to turn it on again, but failing, she sighed and blindly turned around in the dark, attempting to make her way to the living room and lit a lantern.
But as soon as she turned around, a gasp left her mouth and the flashlight that she was holding fell to the ground with a loud thud.
There, on a wall in the end of a hall, glowed bright fluorescent letters.
With her heart beating violently in her chest, half from fear, half from surprise, she read the mysterious text again and again, but was confused as to what they meant.
"As my life continued, and days passed, each of my thoughts and memories became my legacies."
After starring at the sentence in disbelief for some time, she snapped out of her little trance and then, stumbling in the dark, she quickly went to the living room, just to found out that every wall in the room was filled with, now smaller, luminous words.
Standing in a middle of a room she turned around in her place as she searched for the beginning of a first sentence.
Finding it fast, she started reading yet another message.

"Without a chance to show it, it stayed in here, in these walls, never exposed to anyone. Until now. If you read this, whoever you are, a child or an ageing man, know that I am very thankful. Thankful that this is not destroyed, as it is the only thing I'm leaving behind, before the inevitable death. I don't know what kind of person you are, but I hope that you don't mind fulfilling a lady's wish. If you have found peace in my book, then I know you'll do the right thing, and I know you must be curious as to why I choose to put the book in the walls. Alas, you can’t know everything, but I think it just adds even more fun to all of this, and I'm afraid that the reason of me placing the book where you found it will went with me in the grave. But... if there is one thing you can and hopefully want to do, that would be not letting this stay in here. Let the world know, show them, let people learn from my mistakes and take my advises. And if you do that... please, don't let it be forgotten.
-The author"

After she reread the writing a couple of times, she took a few moments to clear her head.
Even though she knew exactly what to do, she didn't jumped into it right away, but instead she allowed herself to fall once again in the wonderful world of what turned out to be a biography, and she continued reading where she left off last night.
She stood in front of the glass of a window shop and watched the book that was now in nice bound covers. She still couldn't believe that this was in a form of a wallpaper just a couple months ago.
It was hard to give it up, but she came to her senses after realizing that the book isn't hers piece of work, and that it was what the author yearned for. The girl also wanted others to experience what she did, and let them see what exciting life the person who wrote the literary work had.
She hadn't told anyone about the house though, and about the interesting way she found all of the pages of a wonderful peace. No one would know how many sleepless nights she spent reading a book from the walls. She wanted to keep that little secret to herself.
After all, the author was right, it is more fun when there is a sense of mystery in the air.
And it would stay that way, until the very end.

Jovana Ilić II4: Dare

Do you dare to do it your way?
To stop pressing ‘replay’?
‘Cause you are more than a figure made of clay
You are more than what you portray

I dare you to be who you are
Doesn’t matter if you’ve gone too far
Doesn’t matter if you’re scared
Doesn’t matter if you’re unprepared

I dare you to grow up
It’s time for your whining to stop
It’s time for you to realize
1. That age will never make you wise
2. That this isn’t paradise

I dare you to call yourself a hurricane
You must rip off that chain!
The scariest moment is right before your start
And that’s why you should obey your heart

I dare you to be brave
I dare you to escape this cave
This cave that we call anxiety
Attempt to outface the society!

I dare you to break free
Now open your eyes and see
That no one is going to help you
It’s up to you, so break out and push through

I dare you to be the worst
Just so you’ll quench your thirst
The end justifies the means, right?
Even if you’re a witch and not a knight

Do you dare to hold a candle to guide you?
Can you escape what’s inside you?
I dare you to become a warrior
Can you handle being victorious?

Autor: Svetlana Gavrilović

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