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ELTA ECO Challenge
kategorija: Takmičenja

Na konkursu koji je organizovala ELTA - Udruženje nastavnika engleskog jezika Srbije, raspisanom sa ciljem da se podigne svest ljudi o važnosti očuvanja životne sredine, Užička gimnazija je učestvovala sa sedam radova različitih formi učenika prvog i četvrtog razreda. U finalni deo takmičenja, među osamnaest najboljih, plasirala su se i tri rada naših učenika, a nakon online glasanja za pobednike u kategoriji srednjih škola proglašeni su baš radovi užičkih gimnazijalaca: pesma 'When the Earth Speaks' Jovane Cvijović i Vladimira Mijatovića, učenika IV2 i strip Anje Rosić I6.

When the Earth Speaks

Carried away in the dancing tides near the shore
Glimmering gold from deserts vast
In green adorn, a silhouette blue and bright
Walks through the fading twilight

At times she glimpses stars flickering in her lakes
Some hummingbirds flying to a gentle tree’s embrace
With tenderness her clouds caress the heavens
Releasing from above turquoise springs
To whom even the mute rock sings

Yet she wishes more than matter itself
This child courted even by the Sun’s grace
She longs to hear the pounding of a crimson heart
From a love so strong that no one can tear apart

She gathers her crystals hidden through time
And all her colors, her tones and wisdom divine
Soon all become words that rhyme
From mouths of her children
With their minds sublime

In her arms she holds the children
Nourishing them with every embrace
To their hunger she brings food
To their thirst she brings water
And to their souls brings a love only mothers could give

Yet ignorant is she to the ways of men
And the wickedness sown with the seeds of creation
That now grow with roots deep and strong
And in their laughter a cruelty resides
Their eyes glow like those of martyrs
But glow they do with a towering rage
Announcing the coming of a new age

We condemn her for our sins to burn at the stake
To anguish and break with man’s every mistake
Through the flames her screams are like a child’s cry
Yet we steal from her the blue, high in the sky and
With machine oil and fuel the heavens we dye

From forests to furniture
On a casket we sit;
From mountains to statues with curvature
To admire our wit;
Animals that now only live in a textbook picture -
It only seems fit;
Plants that grow from a poisonous mixture
As we enjoy our banana split;
In the name of progress we march

Still when the heartache and agony begin to fade
She removes from her back the thrusted blade
And in her mind that is the price to be paid
For her children’s sins for they have strayed.

And on the horizons of the morning spray
Again we witness her rebirth and we pray
To colors, the sights and sounds of the glorious day
All is forgiven as our regrets and fears scatter away.

And so she dawns again with brave and weary eyes
Hoping that this time her children will be wise
To change their ways and heed her cries
And turn away from great demise.

Autor: Svetlana Gavrilović

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