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Mini Monologues
kategorija: Sekcija za engleski jezik

Ovogodisnji literarni konkurs na engleskom jeziku nosio je naziv Mini Monologues, a zadatak učenika je bio da napišu dramski monolog od 250 reči u kome se obraćaju nekoj poznatoj ličnosti. Po oceni nastavnika engleskog jezika, najuspešniji su bili: Mia Purić I6 - prvo mesto, Anja Rosić II6 - drugo mesto, Simo Đuričić III1 - treće mesto, Tijana Dogandžić I4 - četvrto mesto i Valentina Nikolić I7 - peto mesto. Sponzori takmičenja su bile izdavačke kuće The English Book, Pearson i Educational Centre.
Too Little, Too Long by Mia Purić I6

It’s okay, Janko. Nobody actually knows why you came late to Kosovo, but it’s not ours to know. Ours is to live and maybe sometimes, but unfortunately we do it often, judge others. If we were in some other dimension, we would try to be better. Not for others, but for ourselves. Until then, , the yellow skirt on that girl looks hideous. But Janko, we can’t say it’s only your fault. Or should I say Janoš? Or maybe it was Jovan? Serbians loved you so much, they gave you three names. It must be an honour. Your hopes were maybe too big this time. Huge, if you ask me. We got used to disappointments. Especially when it comes to Turkey. Lots of time I hear people talking nonsense. But only you, and well God, know why you were late to meet more soldiers. But tell me, be quiet so no one else knows, I promise, I won’t tell anyone. Was it because you got stuck in a pub? Maybe too many beers? Oh, I get it. That girl on the way down was pretty hot, Janko, oh Janko, you silly man. You travelled all the way down just to end up being enchanted by that beauty. I mean not to brag, but we do have pretty girls around here. Speaking of girls, maybe your wife got sad so she started packing tons of food, just like every grandma does: ‘Janko, I’ve packed sixty-six sarmas for you, I hope it will be enough for today. And under that big bag, you have three gallons of homemade goulash. I killed those animals with my bare hands, so I expect it to be missing in a couple of hours.’ Oh, I see, you just wanted to be pretty. Barbers can’t take so much time sometimes. Sorry you couldn’t make it, threenamed man. Better luck next time. I surely hope the goulash was delicious.

A mini monologue by Anja Rosić II6

Oh, they are dancing again …
The yellows and reds
And greens and blues …
They are caressing my skin
They are cutting through
Scattered ashes raised by the wind –
Its eye meeting yours –
Formed into series of fiery darts,
Aim for the gold.
Struck by the flame’s tail
I felt my flesh burn and bleed
With lucid scenes laid before me.
The ones shaped by a spirit
That is bold,
Set on fire but appears cold;
The one that loves,
That sees and cares
Then loves some more …

What is the extent of your love,
That swallowing force?
The strokes of the brush
Both smooth and sharp,
Covered more than you might have seen …
Following the command
Of the boiling mind –
Its bestowen crown
Resting on the grave.
What was it that you found
Waiting hidden in our common ground?

In a vast field
They are swaying anew
Swirling of yellows and greens,
Ripples of reds and blues
They are trying to tell me what to do.
I hear the echoes, lost in bloom
Soaking in the pool
Of the vivid paint running through your veins –
With your gaze piercing the canvas above
The infinite, expanding one –
Did you leave another letter
For all of us to read,
The one bigger,
Bigger than life, I mean?

A mini monologue by Simo Djuričić III1

I first heard of your work as a young boy, and I was immediately attracted to the idea I thought of myself as a misfit, and The Prince was a work which defied all convention when it was written. It was perfect for a kid who wanted to defy convention of his own time. But those were just words and as I grew it was my interesting history which me towards your words. I finally read The Prince and many a work praising or trying to refute it. I found it amazing and agreed with all its points. Now, years later, I find myself in an interesting position. I still agree with all its points but I’ve also seen them applied by various dictators, absolute monarchs and generals, beating, lying, and all in all, excellently following your advice. You did state that your rules for rulers applied to monarchs, and republics would need to follow different ones. Yet, in this day and age, I see more and more presidents following your advice. To my conundrum is: are you to blame at all? Did you give these leaders guidelines to absolute rule, or give us, the people, a warning against them? Or both? I am aware of what you intended at the time, but I would love to hear if you would be happier if we all agreed to ignore your life’s work for the sake of humanity, should it be possible at all.

Autor: Svetlana Gavrilović

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