Connecting classrooms


This April, members of Uzice Grammar School book club had the opportunity to meet various artists and researchers from Europe who came to Uzice on behalf of the project Four Corners R&D. The project’s main aim is for these artists to see less known parts of Europe and with their work to introduce them to the European culture scene. Their Balkan expedition lasted from 15 to 29 April and included trips to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro.
Uzice was their only destination in Serbia. The literary festival “Halfway” served as their host. Students from the book club acted as tourist guides, showing them how people in Uzice go about their daily lives and introducing them to some of the most famous citizens and landmarks of our town like: the museum, the theatre, Suljaga (a place where local food is made, Jokanovica kuca (an art gallery) and many more.
On 18 April, the artists and researchers presented their works, performances, participated in debates and exchanged stories with their hosts.
All in all, they said they enjoyed their stay in Uzice immensely, and couldn’t wait to come back to share new knowledge and experiences.

Jovana and Irena, Uzice

05. februar. Kustendorf Revisited
15. oktobar. Shakespeare among Us - 450 Years
11. mart. CC Participants Meet Again
23. februar. A Serb Who Is Moving the Horizons of Science
28. januar. Kustendorf Film Festival
14. novembar. Behold the Zebras
22. septembar. Connecting Classrooms Partners' Meeting
10. septembar. Olympic Glory