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A literary festival, named “Halfway” took place in Užice between 23rd and 28th of April. It was initiated by a teacher of Užice Grammar School, Ružica Marjanović, and a writer from Sarajevo, Nenad Veličković. This was the 7th time this festival had been held in Užice, a city that is the same distance from both Sarajevo and Belgrade, which was the reason that the festival was named “Halfway”. This year high school students and all the citizens in general got the chance to socialize with guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia. During the day, they held regular literature classes, and in the evening, on the small stage of the National Theatre of Užice, they read their work. The whole festival, including the promotional material, was prepared by students of Užice Grammar School. The guests that attended the festival this year were Ljiljana Dirjan, Vojo Šindolić, Predrag Lucić, Ivan Čolović, Dubravka Stojanović, Dejan Ilić, Nenad Veličković, Dragana Mladenović, Almin Imširević and Teaktar Kreveljko Fulajić. In the past 7 years, Užice Grammar School has hosted about 50 writers, who, by associating with Užice students, presented their works. Because of the quality of the literary program, the festival has been awarded a prize of the "Jelena Šantić" fund, which promotes peace work, art and tolerance.

text by Nadja, photos by Ana

05. februar. Kustendorf Revisited
15. oktobar. Shakespeare among Us - 450 Years
11. mart. CC Participants Meet Again
23. februar. A Serb Who Is Moving the Horizons of Science
28. januar. Kustendorf Film Festival
14. novembar. Behold the Zebras
22. septembar. Connecting Classrooms Partners' Meeting
10. septembar. Olympic Glory