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The World's Biggest School Assembly

The World's Biggest School Assembly on BBC took place on 8th of May, 2012. For 24 hours, dozens of schools from all over the World told the rest of the planet what matters to them. There were students from Fiji, Australia, Ghana, Canada, Ukraine, Bulgaria, South Africa, Nepal, China, Spain, Papua New Guinea and many other countries wishing to speak about what they were concerned about and share their opinions with the rest of the world.
Uzice Grammar School was one of the two schools from Serbia, the other being Karlovacka gimnazija, which participated in this great event.
Most of our students - second-graders, talked about their friends and family and their future, but the participants all over the globe expressed their thoughts about various and more or less serious subjects, such as the environment, the credit crunch, education, social media, pollution, whaling, drugs, poverty and so on.
In the end, it was a great and exciting experience for all of the students to have their word heard across the planet. What matters to young people around the globe can still be found on

Iva, 17

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