Young Writers Competition

In December 2012, 21 students of Uzicka gimnazija took part in a literary competition organized by Young Writers, a publishing company from Great Britain, whose aim is promoting poetry and creative writing. The competition was called ‘Around the World in 80 Words’ and our students’ task was to write a short story in 80 words exactly which should be set in a famous place somewhere in the world. 20 stories have been selected for publishing, which is something we should all be proud of. The future published authors are: Marija Jeremic II1, Srdjan Todorovic II3, Jovana Eric II3, Natasa Citic III1, Milica Neskovic III1, Milos Jesic III1, Irena Savkovic III1, Andjelija Jarakovic III1, Marina Miljkovic III1, Tamara Paunovic III1, Natalija Dadic III2, Nadja Lapcevic III2, Teodora Mitrovic III2, Ana Stojanovic III2, Angelina Kubura III2, Iva Cancovic III3, Marija Tomic III3, Aleksandar Knezevic III3, Vojislav Bogosavljevic III5 and Dusan Lazic IV3.
Here are some of the winning entries.

A Box of Kisses by Marija Tomic

A man punished his daughter for wasting decorative paper. He became angry when she made a box to put under the Christmas tree in Times Square, New York.
‘This is for you, Daddy’, she said.
When he opened it, he got mad because it was empty.
‘Don’t you know that when you give someone a gift, there’s supposed to be something in it?’
She looked at him in tears. ‘But it’s not empty. It’s filled with kisses, all for you.’

I’ll Be Watching You by Natalija Dadic

We went to visit Dracula’s castle and managed to lose the group. We tried to find our way back but the further we went, the more lost we got. Suddenly, we heard a voice. ‘Turn back or you’ll regret it!’ We went forwards fearlessly. ‘Mary, stop pushing me!’ ‘I’m not doing anything. As if …’ she said. She turned around and started screaming. We all looked back. There was Dracula floating above us… He said ‘I’ll be watching you’, and disappeared.

Dance of the Souls by Ana Stojanovic

You surely thought that the Pyramids were empty and dead remains of previous civilizations. You forgot: a strange story always follows a monument of the past.
You certainly haven’t noticed that when three big stars form a triangle above a Pyramid, it starts to shine with its blue luminosity. The souls of the deceased pharaohs start to wake up. With a roar of the warm desert winds, they begin their dance whose vibrations can be felt anywhere in the world.

Black Forest by Dusan Lazic

We constantly pursue happiness in the dark. There we find new souls and the old ones are sometimes lost. In the Black Forest, Germany, nature stands above all things great and small. Countless rows of fir and pine trees surround the towns and castles only to recede from the chilling waters that offer a serene heaven for the weary beasts. They soon continue their journey before it becomes night in the forest that is illuminated only by the fireflies’ light.

The Price of Regret by Jovana Eric

I can still smell it. A very specific smell and not easily forgotten. Their blood, our sweat. Our desperation, their fear. They were all mixed into one, coating the air that December day. What is to be known as the Nanking massacre, for me, will forever be unanimous with that scent.
I am able to recall every gory detail. We won. At the steep cost of three hundred lives. Victory. I wish I had never been a part of it.

Svetski dan osoba sa Daunovim sindromom

Učenice Užičke gimnazije ponovo su pokazale svoje znanje, veštine, humanost i dobrotu. Na inicijativu i ideju profesorke engleskog jezika, Danke Kovačević, učenice odeljenja III3 (Iva Ilić, Milijana Vulović, Nadežda Penezić, Nikolina Melentijević, Anja Grbović, Sara Piplović, Lea Knežević) i učenice odeljenja III1 (Marija Kostić, Ana Kovačević, Jelena Stanojčić, Kristina Milčanović, Anja Vujović, Mina Nenadić, Dunja Kostić, Teodora Todorić, Valentina Petronijević) zajedno su sa učenicima iz Osnovne škole „Miodrag V. Matić” ...(opširnije)

DSD projekat

Imali smo čast da u našoj školi 20. marta ugostimo Birgit Šojrer, koordinatorku DSD projekta tj. ispita za nemački jezik. Danas je održan usmeni deo ovog ispita, a pismeni je bio 9. marta 2023. godine. U okviru DSD projekta nalazi se 25 škola u kojima se uči nemački jezik, a polaganjem ovog ispita učenici dostižu visok funkcionalni nivo učenja drugog stranog jezika. Naša škola je u ovom projektu još od ...(opširnije)