English in Action

English Again in Action in Uzice Grammar School

After a 3-year-break due to pandemic situation, ‘English in Action’ is back in our school. It is a well-known programme for improving your English with the help of native speakers-teachers coming straight from Great Britain. During one week of intensive course, 6 English lessons every day, you improve your speaking and vocabulary skills and boost your self-confidence in 100% only English-speaking environment! This year, from May 8th – 12th the task to achieve that belonged to a 60-year-old teacher from the south of England, Mr Lawrence Walder. This mature and experienced, but definitely young-spirited teacher that all students called Larry made this experience rather enjoyable for 17 students of the first three grades of our school. Although of different levels of knowledge, they all managed to work well and somehow fit within the group, trying their best during every task. Covering the B2 level course Vantage, plus some parts of British culture and life, they successfully came to the end of the week for their final presentations on various topics: their favourite music performers, their hobbies, traditional food and bullying. They played the music, danced to show their skills, brought some food to present and performed a short drama show about violence and bullying, sending some very important messages in the end. In the middle of the week, as a part of their project, the students took their English teacher on a tour round the town to show some landmarks to be seen when visiting their town and to tell some interesting stories about them. They proved to be good hosts as well and they all truly enjoyed it. At the very end of course, the students were very much satisfied with the whole experience but they wanted to find out the teacher’s impressions, so they made a short interview. All in all, this was one more successful cooperation between English in Action and Uzice Grammar School and we hope it will continue in future without any more big breaks!

autor teksta: Brankica Skorković, prof. engleskog jezika

Gimanzijalci donirali osnovcima knjige za biblioteku

Danas su đaci naše škole bili u poseti OŠ „Aleksa Devojić” Sevojno, IO Krvavci. Tom prilikom donirali su knjige njihovoj školskoj biblioteci. Ugostili su ih direktorka škole i učiteljica Ljiljana Veizović sa učenicima trećeg razreda, koji su pripremili prigodan program. Sa učenicima su išli profesor Slavko Marković i profesor Igor Marjanović. ...(opširnije)

Promocija romana „Razbila nas zvečka”

Danas se u našoj školi održala promocija knjige ,,Razbila nas zvečka”, a predstavila ju je upravo njena autorka Tijana Sovilj sa gošćama Ružicom Dabić i Gordanom Danilović. Knjiga je namenjena upravo nama, priča o skupu realnih dešavanja mladih koje je naša autorka saslušala. Likovi su "živi", atmosfera realna, a svaka priča iskrena je ispovest nekog deteta. Osim Tijane, sve oči bile su uperene i u đake Tehničke škole „Novi Beograd” ...(opširnije)