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The Mini Monologues Creative Writing Competition

Competition rules
Uzicka gimnazija organizes a Mini Monologues Creative Writing Competition. Participants are supposed to write a dramatic monologue in up to 250 words addressing a famous person of their own choice. Entries (even more than one) should be submitted to English teachers no later than 30th November, 2018.
Sponsors of the competition are Pearson UK, The English Book Belgrade and Educational Centre Belgrade.

Dramatic monologue, also known as a persona poem, is a type of poetry written in the form of a speech of an individual character. Here are the three features of the dramatic monologue:
1. A single person, who is not the poet, utters the speech that makes up the whole of the poem, in a specific situation at a critical moment […].
2. This person addresses and interacts with one other person; but we know of the auditors' presence, and what they say and do, only from clues in the discourse of the single speaker.
3. The main principle controlling the poet's choice and formulation of what the lyric speaker says is to reveal to the reader, in a way that enhances its interest, the speaker's temperament and character.

Sample monologues
Anton Chekhov: The Seagull (Masha)
I am telling you all these things because you write books and they may be useful to you. I tell you honestly, I should not have lived another day if he had wounded himself fatally. Yet I am courageous; I have decided to tear this love of mine out of my heart by the roots. By marrying Medviedenko. Oh, if you knew what it is to love without hope for years and years, to wait for ever for something that will never come! I shall not marry for love, but marriage will at least be a change, and will bring new cares to deaden the memories of the past. Shall we have another drink? Don't look at me with that expression on your face. Women drink oftener than you imagine, but most of them do it in secret, and not openly, as I do. They do indeed, and it is always either vodka or brandy. To your good health! You are so easy to get on with that I am sorry to see you go.
Dream girl by Elmer Rice (Georgina)

(Yawning heavily)Ohhhhh! For heaven’s sake, will you please shut up?
(She shuts off the alarm clock, then leans over and pulls up an imaginary window shade. Thebed is flooded with morning sunlight. GEORGINA moans, shakes her head, and stretches herarms.)
Oh dear! Another day! How awful! Who was it that said: “Must we have another day?” DorothyParker, I suppose… I wonder if she really says all those things.Well, time to get up, I guess.
(She plumps herself down again and snuggles her head in the pillow.)
Yes mother, I’m coming, I’ve been up for hours! Goodness, you’d think sleep was some sort of acrime.
(Heading up to the window)
Yes, another day. And what a day! Beautiful sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky. How wonderful itmust be to be able to enjoy it. Well, come on, Georgina, snap out of it, and get yourself out ofbed!
(She switches on the radio - sensorial music - Dean Martin “That’s amore”)
I wonder how long a person can go on like this without developing a psychosis or something.For all I know, I may have a psychosis already. Good grief, what a thought! I wish I couldremember that awful nightmare I had last night. Still, they say it’s awfully hard to make anythingout of your own dreams. And besides, I really don’t know very much about dream symbols. Justthe obvious ones, like teeth falling off and flying - and I never seem to dream about them. Oh,well, to hell with it!(She jumps out of bed. Music announcer is heard.)
Dear listeners, don’t forget your date at 8.30 today with your counselor on human relations, Dr.Percivaaaal.How ridiculous! As though that little quack could really solve people’s emotional problems forthem! Still, I suppose the poor deluded people who go to him get a kind of relief just fromspilling their troubles to somebody. Maybe I should try psychiatry. Only what’s the use when Iknow so well what’s the matter with me? Honestly, it’s disgraceful that they allow charlatans likethat Dr.Percival on the air! Imagine standing up in front of a microphone and revealing the thingsthat -

Autor: Stručno veće za engleski jezik

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