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An Ode to ...
kategorija: Aktuelnosti u školi

Tema ovogodišnjeg školskog literarnog konkursa na engleskom jeziku bile su ode - svečane pesme posvećene zaslužnim osobama, značajnim događajima i temama. Zadatak nije bio lak, ali su gimnazijalci pokazali da su mu dorasli i nastavnicima engleskog jezika nije bilo lako da odaberu najbolje radove. Prvo mesto osvojio je Uroš Šestović III1, drugo mesto Katarina Mitrašinović IV5, treće mesto Valentina Nikolić III7, četvrto mesto Maša Ikodinović III3 i peto mesto Stefan Ranković III2. Sponzori takmičenja bili su The English Book Beograd, Pearson Beograd i Educational Centre Beograd.
Evo i nagrađenih pesama.

Uroš Šestović III1: Ode to the Bench

Vintage looking, old and firm
Decorated all in royal style
Built by those before
Who couldn’t care less about your lore.

You were always there
But we have met just yesterday…
For you, keen observer of our souls
I was just a passerby that
Happened to happen – yesterday…

When we met it was my call
I was happy, on a life vacation
And you saw them, saw them all
Memories all shared with you,
bench on a train station…

I was there with a human being
Watching landscape with no need to speak
but simply listen, perceive and feel.
Oh bench, I was so naïve.

When her smile shined as bright as sun
When the wind howled in the night
When she said that I’m the only one…
You saw that…right?

Your importance comes with the fact
That with two of you
My time completely stopped.
For you it was a day,
For me more like a fairy tale.

On that magical day while gazing at the stars
Some promises were made
But beneath lurked some nasty lies.
You were my witness so please,
Help me open my eyes.

Dear bench, if you could speak
For at least one night…
If you could show her just a glimpse
Of what our story was like.

And I would like her answer too
On what’s the book without a part two?
I tried so much but all in vain
All I’m left with is heart in pain.

My memories now belong to your grand collection.
I can’t do much but be thankful for your creation,
My faithful bench on a train station…

Katarina Mitrašinović IV5: An Ode to My Heart

Oh, my sore heart!
When I’m lying still
And my limbs are petrified,
When my eyes can’t blink
And all unshed tears are gushing down,
You’re the only gleam that keeps my body from shutting down

Oh, my dauntless heart!
When all is dull and blue
When all is damp and cold
When I can’t hear my own breath or even my thoughts,
You keep knocking on my chest, hoping I’ll let you in
Praying I’ll let your weeps assure me that I am indeed here
And that I’m real

I imagine you in purple
Made of red and a little azure,
Combining both joy and sorrow which are passing through;
And there lies your uniqueness
In soaking any feeling that life gives you
In blending any colour that’s poured,
No matter the stain it might leave on you

Oh, my stout heart!
As I, you’ve never wished to be assigned a task so hard
To be given a life
With no explanation why,
For eighteen years now you’re working with no stop
But I know one beat of yours is worth more than my whole past

Oh, my mighty heart!
Even when everything is out of sync
And my insides are maybe out to murder me,
Or my judgment is a total eclipse
And I seem dissatisfied with every part of my entity
I’m grateful for your persistent fight to keep me breathing

Oh, my eternal heart!
The bearer of my whole life
I’m aware you’re the only one who won’t ever leave
Your little thuds are the only constant for me
The reminder that I’m just a plain human being
Oh, my heart!
My faithful warrior from day one
I love you, your shades, beats and resiliency

Valentina Nikolić III7: An Ode to the Lemon Tree

Oh, lemon tree
Just to be by your side,
you touchable sun,
in the Capri’s embrace
sitting on a terrace
sipping wine.

Oh, you paradoxical sweet,
spherical to oblong,
just to smell your aroma,
listening to „Bella ciao“,
to know I’m home.

Oh, bumblebee colored,
treasure unknown to every hedge,
keep on hiding
in summer time oasis
not coming near
to the cutting edge.

Oh, you lovable medicine,
favourite flavored ice cream,
I’m in desperate need for you,
to soothe my mornings,
to please my evenings,
for me to live an Italian dream.

Maša Ikodinović III3: An Ode to My Pet

It was a dreary day
I'm coming home
my sunshine, so excited to meet you
Opening the door of my flat
I see you, approaching me,
with your fluffy figure
So loving, my heart skipped a beat
I'm giving you a hug!
But all you noticed, was treat
that I brought for you,
in my freezing hand.

Oh, my dear kitten!
If you only knew,
how much I adore you.
I think about you,
constantly, I'm worrying,
I miss your little presence
whenever you are not the one
next to me, in my embrace.
I cannot wait to see you
and to pet your fat belly.
You get angry,
if i call you fat,
But silly,
I love you just like that.

When you stare at me
with your green eyes,
green as the grass you love to eat,
I wonder if I'm the one, you miss.
Whenever I see you sleeping,
curled up in a ball of fur
I have to be the one,
who'll give you a cuddle.
Then you think to yourself:
''Oh no, why I have to struggle?''
Nevertheless, your reach to my face
with your heart-shaped snout
and then you lick my cheek.
Agh, your breath stinks!
Even if the fragrance reeks,
thank you, for your smelly kiss.

Oh, my cutie pie!
If you only knew,
that I would die for you!
You try to keep your cool,
act tough, like you don't care
but you need attention too.
Don't try to fool me,
you stupid cat!
Punching me with your soft paws won't help
I can see the look on your face
when I cry, or when I am upset
I know you worry about me,
then you want to warm me up
and my aching body
I am already feeling better
Agh, my kitten,
your fat belly is the best!

You are so annoying sometimes.
I hate when you wake me up,
in the middle of the night
just to say: ''Meow!''
At least,
stop jumping on my pillow now.

Even if you are a bothersome,
I cannot imagine my life without you.
I don't even want to think
how I am going to survive when you leave
It's going to be a nightmare, a pain
Agh, my heart cannot sustain!
I love you, my furry baby
More than anyone can believe.

Stefan Ranković III2: Ode to the Sea

Sparkling blue eyes where destiny lies
The dreamy crown where the end is near
Made by countless dusks and dawns
Where everything is set in place but fear

The blue giant in which the time stopped
And minutes became nothing but distraught
Mystical place of timely demise
Where nothing can hide and keep their disguise

Oh, how the mighty have fallen
Of the hurtful strength and majestic blaze
The force of thousands bound to stay
On the deep end of this never-ending maze

Fear do not of the unknown lane
In which we once stood brave
Crawling truths may indeed await
If we choose to accept our undying fate

And the untold gaze steeped through the hallow
Graciously keeps its bounds shut
The pulsing embrace that once was
Stops it from making one final cut

The beauty of it all remains unseen
As the days pass and the nights depart
Timely sailor flees through the cracks
And starts his journey with an abiding heart

Autor: Svetlana Gavrilović

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