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Literarni konkurs na engleskom jeziku
kategorija: Aktuelnosti u školi

Na školskom literarnom konkursu za kratku priču na engleskom jeziku pod nazivom 'Dracula Bit(e)s Again', prvo mesto je osvojio Đorđe Udovičić IV5, drugo Ksenija Ivanović II2, treće Stefan Ranković IV2, a četvrto su podelili Mia Purić IV6 i Filip Radović IVr. Sponzori takmičenja su bili The English Book i Educational Centre iz Beograda.

Dracula's Working Day by Djordje Udovicic IV5

When Ratib and Mustafa, Ottoman envoys, stepped into Dracula's hall, which exuded with the spirit of pragmatism and simplicity, they saw before them a man with a sharp nose, heavy eyebrows and bulging green eyes. He was seated on the throne around which were his chamberlains, who looked at him with a bit of fear which usually manifested itself through energetic moves and laconic replies. The atmosphere of fear and striking authority, given to Dracula by his loyal subjects, implied the necessity of utmost respect for his person. This vital observation would not escape to Ratib and Mustafa only if they were not blinded by the pomposity of the country they represented, that cultivated in them pride exhibited by uncourteous mien. They greeted him by saying: "Sultan sends his regards." Before they could proceed with their formal addressing one of Dracula's guards subtly, but with the firm voice of a soldier, remarked that it is customary at Wallachian court to pay respect to the prince by removing the hat. Mustafa lost his uncourteous mien in a second like he sobered up and replied in a flattering tone, characteristic to all experienced diplomats, "I am sure that honorable Vlad the Third will understand that it was not in the custom of our fathers to remove turbans at anyone's request, therefore, we must politely refuse purely for the sake of our tradition." Dracula hid his anger, caused by this answer, behind a diplomatic but slightly sarcastic smile and said: "Your devotion to this excellent tradition is truly worthy of praise, I'll actually help you follow it more thoroughly!" As he spoke his anger was more and more obvious. Dracula then ordered their turbans nailed to their skulls with three nails, saying in a mixture of laughter, anger and satisfaction: "This way you will never have to break these silly customs of yours!"

Anemone field by Ksenija Ivanović II2

Night. Darkness surrounded him: cold, but niche. He was sitting in the anemone field hours away from his home, in this place that provides him with comfort and short moments of stability (that he doesn’t feel otherwise). However, rather than feeling the usual security, he felt unease. His body was shivering, so his eyes wandered around the field desperately looking for what was causing his happiest moments to turn into something ugly. Staring for a couple of seconds resulted in him meeting a yellow pair of eyes that was fixated upon him. The moment of safety shifted into a moment of fear. He thought about getting up and running as fast as he could, but his curiosity made him stay. So he kept sitting: allowing the eyes, and the slowly appearing pale figure of whom they
belong to, to come closer.
„Well, hello there! Isn’t it late for young boys to stray?“, he found the deep voice frightening. „Dear boy, is something bothering you? What is it? You are here all alone. You are lonely. You have no one. Nobody even knows you exist.“. As the sentence reached its end the boy tremble. The pale man smiled. „Humans are prone to believe that unknown equals nonexistent. Are you scared of not existing?“, he asked touching the boy’s shoulder. „I could make your fear go away. Do you want that?“. As the boy nodded, Dracula bit into his neck. The boy’s chest clenched as he felt the life leave his body. His sweaty body became warmer and warmer until it reached the point of eternal warmth.
It shut off. As his spirit lifted off of his lifeless body, he felt no change within himself; as if he already didn’t exist. He can now sit on his anemone field forever.

Dracula’s revenge byz Stefan Ranković IV2

It was the first day of my awakening when I decided to try and go out in the sun. Among the things I had with me, I couldn’t choose which one to bring since I’ve been locked up in a cage for a hundred years. You may think that it’s cruel but the punishment fits the crime. I couldn’t control my urges so I gave in and drained my victim down and left it like a wet cloth in the rain. You noticed I referred to them as it. That’s because I see my victims as nothing more than blood bags. My fangs were still wet when the hunters found me and put me in the cage. All that time spent underground left me desiccated and unable to move. Now I’m finally in the position to continue my hunt for those monsters who left me there to suffer. They are the monsters, not me who is often described as one. They are dead, but their families live on and my life mission is to find every single member and show them what desperation feels like. There’s one problem left to solve. My skin burns in the sun like a fresh wound which was watered in salt. I had to find a witch to cast a spell so I could walk among the living once more. That may seem like a difficult task but I’m certain I will manage. Only one thing left to do is to create a masterful plan that would enable my revenge and get me the justice I so deserve. To anyone who is reading this, my name is Dracula, son of Vlad, the greatest vampire to have ever lived. And I promise you with these words. Watch yourselves because I’m coming for you all.

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