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Let's write love
kategorija: Aktuelnosti u školi

Na ovogodišnjem školskom literarnom konkursu na engleskom jeziku pod nazivom 'Let's Write Love ...', nagrađeno je pet, a pohvaljena su dva učenika. Nahrade su osvojili: prvo mesto - Nevena Ristićević III4 za sonet u akrostihu pod nazivom 'Limerent/In Love?', drugo mesto - Teodora Rakić II2, treće mesto - Jovan Šestović III4, četvrto mesto - Nevena Krstović III5 i peto mesto - Ivana Lemez I4. Pohvaljeni su Kristina Ponjavić II4 i Mateja Petrović I4. Poster za kviz uradio je Boris Končar II2, a takmičenje su pomogli The English Book, Educational Centre i Pearson iz Beograda.

Nevena Ristićević III 4: Limerent / In Love?

Lately, a peculiar thought has risen in my mind,
I felt it tingling all the way down my chest.
Majestic face of yours—Oh! How effortlessly it shined!
Excruciating I find it now, who would’ve guessed?
Ridiculous I have been, in terms of what I was ready to give:
Endearment, tenderness, warmth and emotion…
Not a thing could ever be able to outlive
This feeling of unrestrained devotion
I’ve been holding in my heart forever and a day.
Nevermore will I—hold your hands in mine;
Lonesome, meaningless—everything is gray.
Obsessed with the idea of divine eyes of thine,
Valley of words in my heart reside, waiting an
Eternity to be heard by my man.

Teodora Rakić II2: Then again

In your eyes I saw,
A soul without a flaw,
I fell in love within a blink
Or that's what I wanted to think?

Oh right, I’ve tried,
To convince myself we were never a thing,
But I remember how you pulled one string,
Of my hair, when it was perfectly tied.

It all seemed like a confusion,
Others saw it just as an attempt,
Blurred lines between reality and delusion,
Trapped in a notion of content.

Like a venom to my heart, you took a train,
My upper lip curled in disdain,
Our mixed feelings created a chain,
Again, again and again.

Jovan Šestović III4

Ode to Love 1
Love, a symphony of emotions,
a beating heart, a burning flame,
a journey of joy and tears,
eternally bound, forever the same.

Ode to Love 2
Love, a treasure to behold,
a story still yet to be told,
a warmth that chases winter's cold,
a tale that's forever bold.

Ode to Love 3
Love, a mystery, a feeling so pure.
It makes our hearts flutter, our souls allure.
It's in the way the sun rises, in the way the flowers bloom.
Love, forever in our hearts, a constant in our doom.

Nevena Krstović III5: A moment of bliss

­Here, currently­
“What are you doing?”
“Writing him a letter.”
“A letter? Why?”
“I guess I have a lot on my mind that I want to say, but I don’t want to say it out loud.”
“Ooh…nice. You know, I would like to get a letter too.”
“I could write you one. Maybe.”
“You could. Maybe.”
We smile at each other. I’m not talking any further and she continues writing.
“Ah”, she says, “I’m done. What do you think, will he like it? He will. It’s sweet; legible; my expressions are good.”
“If he doesn’t like it, just dump him.”
“For sure”, she rolls her eyes.
“You’ve became softer.”
“As if.”
I turn towards the window: “Look! It’s so pretty outside.”
At those words she tilts her head: “I don’t like snow.”
“You’re stupid.”
“I’ll go and try to find an envelope”, she says and leaves the room.
I keep looking out the window. The sight outside reminds me of a snow globe I have at home.
“But this is prettier”, I thought, “a lot prettier.”

-Now, at the other end of a city-
It’s cold and it’s snowing. Only a few people are outside. Those two use this chance to play in snow with their dog. A scene like this seems like it would come out of a slice-of-life movie: bathed in bluish light, with a loose spirit, they look like they’re put in a moment right before a heartbreaking disaster. But it will not occur, or maybe it will; the scene is changing and a sound of a train passing by can be heard. In a distance, through the forest, it’s spotted. While the dog was barking, they were screaming and running towards a train on the rails.

-In a carriage of a train-
“Listen, listen. That is a really great idea. You’ll write and I’ll draw and together we’ll make a great comic book. A real, good comic book was not around for quite some time. People must have missed it…”, the first one started.
“Just like we have”, the second one finished. “That’s why we decided to pack our things, get on this train and head towards the big city. You don’t need to convince me since I agreed to this a long time ago.”
“I know that, man. I am just excited, so I talk about the same thing over and over again.”
“You should sleep. Let me read.”
Silence, for a while. Suddenly, the first one says: “So…”
With a dramatic sigh, the second one closes his book.
“So”, he continues, “I’m really glad that we’re together in this, you know. That you’re by my side and keep me company. Since we were young, you know. I appreciate that, really.”
“Yeah. I know.”
They stare at each other for a few seconds and then the first one says: “And what? That’s it? Not even a thank you or a nice compliment for me? Nothing?”
“You said you appreciate the things I do for you. So there.”
“Right, right…What are you reading? I’m not familiar with that title nor an author.”
“Just a second-hand book I accidently stumbled across.”
Conversation ends there. The first one continues thinking about a comic book that hasn’t even been conceived, while the second one is thinking whether this book is good or not.
-Somewhere, in a flat of a miserable man-
There were times where I thought -this is the end-, my time has passed, my words are no longer needed. But then something would happen, so quickly and unexpectedly, and it would boost up my confidence, tell me I am still worth of something. And now! Poor me! What will I do, where will I go? I do not know anything else. I am not made for anything else! Just for that, for writing. To write and inhale the smell of paper and ink. Only that makes me whole. Already I am old and it is late for me to find some other passion, to become somebody else. My books haven’t been read for ages. Their titles do not exist to others anymore. Second hand bookshops are the only place you could find some; marked as if I were no longer alive; and not even that, it is like I had simply never existed. Books comfort me, but it is rather devastating not being able to contribute to the development of literature. The feeling, the trembles, when I know that someone is reading my words and enjoying them! How will I continue without that?! Who should I cling to now? How to live on? Maybe my life has come to its peak. The ache; my heart is shattering.

-In a flat next to a flat of a miserable man-
“We’ve been together for a long time, you are aware of that. We found each other in our youth and till now we’ve been standing. I was thinking about it yesterday and I realized that, just because now we are older and wiser, I have to confess my mistakes from those early years. I…”
“You were cheating on me”, she interrupts him.
Confused: “Yes, but…you know?”
“I know. What about now?”
“Not right now, no…before, when we were younger and immature and…”
“It’s okay. Really. But I thought that you know as well.”
Confused, again: “Know what?”
“Well, I was cheating on you too. When we were, as you say, young and immature. I thought we were both aware of what the other one was doing.”
Both of them are silent for a few minutes.
“Then why did we even stay together after all that?”, he asks.
She looks at him blankly: “I guess because we knew no one else wanted us whole. The other one was always there, just a little behind, so it was rather easy to turn back to each other. We were waiting to become older and wiser. Waiting for this exact moment.”
“Probably…We are happy know, aren’t we?”
She nods her head.
“Good”, he says, “do you want to watch a movie?”
“Sure”, she responds and turns on a computer.

-An entirely different place-
Next to a river, a man and a woman are sitting on a bench. They were talking until recently and now they are comfortable without words. They are looking at the same river and at the same sky, they notice the same people passing by. A woman quickly glances at a young couple across the river and she is glad. A man quickly glances at an older couple passing by and he is glad. A woman is sorry because she hasn’t brought some bread for pigeons flying around. A man is missing their cat. They both see a child and think about their son, who was the same not so long ago. Then they look at each other. Time has passed for them and so many words are and are not spoken, so many words are waiting for their turn; later, they will come home and it will be good. Tomorrow may not be as good as today, and when night falls or morning dawns it may become better, or it may become worse. They do not know, but they hope; waiting for a new moment, for a new day which lingers in the abyss.

-In a house of a couple from a bench-
Their son is sitting at the table. He does not believe he got a letter.
“She wrote me this. I’m stunned”, he says to his cat.
The cat comes to him and starts meowing.
“Yes, yes, I know it’s great. But what do I do now? Should I write a letter for her as well? Or should I go see her? Maybe I should call her. I need to think.”
The cat is looking at him. He’s looking at her too: “It’s sweet; legible; her expressions are good.”
He rereads it and smiles.
“I know! I’ll write her one, and after she gets it I will come to her and we’ll see each other and it’ll be good.”
He pets the cat and starts writing.

Ivana Lemez I4: What is love?

Love, love, love. We hear about it daily, but how much are we familiar with its concept?

What is love? The unwise say love is when you really love someone, but how do we know when we do such a thing? Hopeless romantics will say that once you fall in love - thats when your life will begin. However, what if I'd rather avoid the fall and must i fall in love at all?

How can an individual be so sure that this feeling might not harm them, since the image of it is presented ever so unclearly and in need of a set boundary. Does this mean we are left alone, in the dangers of this unbearable world, having to deal with yet another mystery?

Though, just because one's perception of love differs from the others does not mean either one of them is in the wrong.

We, as people with our own minds, thoughts and hearts, mold the image of love we are willing to belive in. To me, love is not just a human emotion - it is every little thing within.

To me, love is giving up on our proud selves for the need of the ones around us. To me love is having deep talks with my precious younger brother in the middle of the night even though in a couple hours I'd have to be up and ready fro the day. To me love is when even though I had I rough week, I'd listen to my friends pouring out their hearts and pray.

To me love is not a house; it's a home; not a person but a soul; to me love is my heart nodding and mouthing to me "This is love, I know."

Kristina Ponjavić II4: I never want to ...

I never want to be departed from your embrace,
For the affection I encounter should never cease.

I never want to separate my lips from yours,
For I’m afraid that the sweetness I experienced
Shall not triumph ove the bitterness after.

I never want to leave your presence,
For beside youis solely where Iwant to dwell.

I never want to sense the agony of losing you,
For your alluring creature will forever remain
The matter of my adoration.

Mateja Petrović I4: Let's write love

Love is so warm and it's good to know,
that you have someone who's there for you,
someone who wants to share their most genuine thoughts,
I can't put all my feelings in words, it's hard,
love is so weird but also so nice,
People are right, love can make you blind,
you love someone so much,
you want to be with them all the time,
but love has two sides, one is amazing and one hurts,
when you are deep in love, that person is all you think about,
when she's happy, you are too,
when she's laughing, so do you,
when she's crying, you will be there for her,
and that's what makes love beautiful.

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